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cupofjoe_copyJuan Valdez and his donkey made Colombian coffee famous. Thirty five years ago, Colombia produced some of the finest coffee in the world. Unfortunately, over 90 percent of Colombian coffee trees have been replaced with genetically engineered plantings that resist fungus, grow in full sun, and have higher yields. That 90 percent just doesn’t taste the same, but Juan doesn’t talk about it and the donkey just looks good with the colorful bags on his back.

We are proud to offer Café  Mesa De Los Santos Don Telmo Reserva Bourbon (that’s right, the original good stuff originally from Jamaica that came to Colombia in the first place). Over 100 years ago, Telmo J. Diaz founded the Mesa de Los Santos Estate in Santander, Colombia. His legacy continues today through his grandson, Oswaldo, who adheres to his lifelong principles: generosity, integrity, and search for perfection. Perfection was achieved with the creation of this 100% Bourbon coffee so fittingly named Don Telmo Reserva Bourbon. Perfectly balanced, every sip as smooth as the one before. The farm has a fair compensation program that pays wages well above the Colombian minimum salary to the 310 hardworking campesinos producing this coffee. While enjoying this coffee, rest assured that you are consuming a product derived from generations of dedicated organic and sustainable farming practices.

Cupping characteristics: Sweet caramel start, with beautifully balanced chocolate notes.

Available at the coffee bar as a country of origin by the cup and retail packaging for home brewing starting July 1st.